Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Horizons

The old fisherman paddles along the backwaters of life
Looking back at all the catches he made and missed
Remembering the umpteen dawns and twilights
Feeling each ripple in the sea portraying his memories
Smiling nonchalantly at the days of an empty return and the look on his spouse
Cherishing all the plugs to keep his skiff alive
Crying silently at his memories of his sons journey
When he looks at the sun setting,The Horizon is not too near yet too far..

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Comeback From Eternity !!

The Alpha & The Omega...Its been 6 years since i wrote...and my pen seems so heavy that it might break a few phalanges..feels so good to be back home...the home of words..it has been a rollicking ride all these years mixed with humane mixture of all thinkable results of destiny..joy,sorrow,success,failure,loss,pain and gain...all of them have been really intense to the core and have taught me the awakenings and slumbers of reality in a rather harsh way which has changed the outlook of what i was when i penned my last post.. the nostalgia of writing has really dumbfounded me and has taken over my sanity so this is the foreword to the future of my writings..keep reading and peace!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


I Imagine...
I Ponder...
When I wake up,
The feeling stings me,
Thoughts lingering,
Always waiting to open me up,awakening my soul.
A voice echoes in my innerself,
Dangerously calling a name i know.
None can penetrate into the crevices of my imagination.
None can feel the blackhole of the mind.
Have i been opened?
Has anyone encoded the opaque me?
This imagination has always remained as a mere shadow of doubt.
I Imagine....

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Frontal "F"rase

Frontal means the forehead(dont bother much ppl its jus called "Showin off Medico" phenomenon chronically seeping into me reaching irreversible limits)....What i wanna convey is about fate and its consequences(to be frank fate itself is a consequence...baah chuck it, i'm complicating things!!)i actually wanna pen down a true yet amazing fact of my birth..
Literally speakin I am the third baby my mom was carryin about 22 years back,with the earlier two being miscarriages and to be even more precise was the 3rd and 4th baby.......(a long pause).....U guys thinking i am a nutmeg???Actually we were twins...(awwww)....When my mom got a routine check done in her early carrying days the reports said we were two...(awwww again!!!)...But...But....But...(true tollywood ishtyle) when she got a detailed exam after about 5th month the reports made my mom and the doctor dumbstruck in awe and a strange feeling called Shock perhaps!!!
This was and is a 1 in million type of a phenomenon called......(-kindly omit this space-)...Here what exactly happened was that when the Organogenesis(The organs were about to develop into proper shapes and sizes) process was initiated,both the foeti merged into one another and then came "THE ME"...Strange is'nt it??Anyways Sad but True that there is only one Dr.Nerve and no Dr.Hyde....missin him people...
This title suits it cos the amount of tolerance people around put with my exhuberance of youth is awesome and their fate is so well written that their acceptable tolerance limits wont be put to test by my Mr.Hyde as i call him!!!
Peace out People!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sounds similair to some kinda wierd agricultural phenomenon,though it is wierd you people will be surprised to hear that it aint an farmer's word but refers to a series of sensational acts of crime committed in early 1800's in Edinburgh.Actually Burking means "to avoid" or "suppress".
There were two persons involved in these heinous acts William Hare and William Burke.Both these induviduals used to invite their ill-fated victims(16 to be precise till they were caught by the long arm of law)
to their den for a treat of wine .After the victim is completely drooling in the sense of alcoholic perception started the eyebrow raising process where Mr.Burke used to sit on the chest of the victim and Mr.Hare used to hold the legs of the victim and pull him all along the circumference of the room.The forensic aspect of the cause of death in this case is termed as "Mechanical Asphyxia" where there is blockage to the air passages leading to deficient transfer of gases and lack of proper perfusion of the tissues with oxygenated blood leading to the Doom.
After the victims were confirmed dead those bodies were sold to the Anatomy Dept. of a medical school of Edinburgh to one Dr.Robert Knox.This formed the basis of the sudden deaths in Britain till 1820's when they were taken into custody and is still read by us under Asphyxial Deaths in Forensic Medicine.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The Return of THE STU"DYE"

Good evening world....The academic world has opened its gates yet again after half a month of a brain-relaxer.
Back to the ol' ol' way of nightmares of swarming terminologies attacking my added Insomina.Life's aint that easy o'er here with the coming of the post-grad rat race.Though have faced it in my pre-med days,its been completely different these 3 years reading paragraphs n tryin to remember the point wise junk.The post grad entrance is similair to the CET with objective questions covering the 5 yearly syllabi subjectively torturing n straining my poor think-tank.....whew!!!!seems i can be of great use to my univ. marketing dept.
Different subjects & New clinical paraphernailia are the things i can say about my new academic 365'ers.My 6-stringer has become a great archeological junk-yard relic with dust enough to cause a bronchial asthma attack to a sensitive induvidual.My room is studded with these new obese books weighing half my weight which i dont wanna reveal now!!!The whole kick-ass library thing is seeping in making me paranoid(By the way "I can see dead ppl" sorts).

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Innovator

Nothing is to be heard,
The silence of the unspoken,
No clue of a whispering voice,
Unimaginable upto any flambouyant choice.
He wakes at this spur,
He is awakened by the gush,
The gush of streaming thoughts,
Moving amicably at the speed of knots,
Enticing each & every cell of this thought machine,
Cribbing every aota of the instance of his upcome,
His hardships....His worships.
Only his cigar knows the intensity of his ponder,
Puffed till its last fragment.
A light then brightens every dark corner of his brooding soul.
Yes,The Innovation is born....
The discovery is made...
Its none other than Life Rediscovered!!!!